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Clients would often ask us about the best ways to advertise their business or organisation and we would tell them our specific view (you could trawl the internet and find dozens if not hundreds of differing opinions).

We feel that you need to promote your business certainly on the main social media platforms, Twitter and Facebook (a page, not an account) and consider YouTube, Instagram or Flickr. You must post content to keep it fresh and engage with other people.

You might not have time for a lot of that and you can always pay for a magazine listing to go through a few letterboxes and hope that people read it. But our experience has shown that a lot of doorstep magazines go straight in the bin. the one way to be sure your advert isn't binned is to place it online.

Unlike magazines a web-advert is full colour and can include things such as video that a magazine obviously cannot do. So to us, they are a better option. But then you look at the online advertising sites and what do you see? Your advert, surrounded by many others, drowned by competing content on a  page often very badly put together.

So we decided to do something about that and NYBD was born. Focussing purely on North Yorkshire (the clue's in the name!) we offer a complete web-page listing for 12 months for the single flat fee of £75. You can have as much content as you like words and pictures, there really is no limit and if you want video content then you can have that too.

If you can find anywhere that can advertise your business or organisation better than that for a cheaper price then please let us know. We think it will be a long wait!

So contact us today, register and get promoting your business the sensible way, with North Yorkshire Business Direct!

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