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Malton, YO17 9SH

0845 519 8107

07834 227 107

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Hello and Welcome to My Local PA. I'm a York-based virtual assistant providing Administration and Secretarial Services to small businesses just like YOURS!

Can you relate to any of the following?

  • Do you feel as though you're drowning in a pile of papers demanding your attention?
  • Do you wish you could afford a Secretary now and again to support you?
  • Do you spend hours on administration when you need to be running your business?
  • Do you dread looking for papers and receipts?
  • Do you want to produce professional looking documents?
  • Would you like a database of all your customers? (Think of the marketing opportunities!)
  • Do you wish you had enough time to organise meetings, do the administration and run your business?


Contact Jan Osborne on 0845 519 8107 to discuss your requirements or text on 07834 227 107 and ask for a call back. Alternatively email on the address at the top of each page.

A Virtual Assistant is good for your health and your business!

  • Do you have the time you want to really connect with your clients/customers?
  • Does your partner have to make an appointment to see you?
  • Are you drowning in a sea of administrative tasks that are important but not your priority?
  • Have you done that mailshot yet? The one you promised yourself you'd do 3 months ago?
  • Are your family and friends begging you to take a weekend off and spend it with them?

An excellent Virtual Assistant (PA, Secretary and Administrator) could be the best investment you'll ever make! Once you've taken the plunge and tried this service you'll be very glad you did and maybe your family and friends will too.

Perhaps the way forward is to try the services of a Virtual Assistant for a set period of time, building a relationship of trust and gathering confidence in their professionalism. Can you image what it will feel like having your own trusted PA taking care of administration matters? This will free up your time to do what you do best, promoting your business!

Imagine what it would feel like to be able to say to your client/customer, "Yes we will have that meeting, please call My Local PA on 0845 519 8107 and she will confirm the time and make all the arrangements for us." How will that feel to you? What do you think your client/customer will think?

What one thing would you most like to do if you had time? Spend quality time with your best client/customer? Take your partner out to lunch? Go to the children's school assembly and see the pride on your child's face? Maybe you could do all three and more!

As an experienced PA I can arrange your meetings for you from start to finish whether it's a meeting for two or more people. My Local PA can take care of it all from agreeing the date with attendees to distributing the agenda and papers. This can include organising the meeting venue, room and its layout, catering, equipment facilities and I could book your train, flight or ferry and any accommodation requirements you may have. In addition to these services, I can type your documents from your notes or digital dictation.

So what are you waiting for?

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