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Rose Cottage Farm, Brompton, Northallerton, DL6 2PF

01609 776 462


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Ryedale Plasterers has a national reputation for manufacturing and installing the very best traditional and contemporary plasterwork for domestic, commercial and period projects. Whether you're looking for a ceiling rose for your home or the large-scale restoration of a historic property, we can help.

Don’t destroy - restore it!

Traditional materials (such as lime-haired render) help to maintain the authenticity of a building; however, knowing how to use such materials is a vanishing skill. We increasingly hear of lime or plasterwork being removed entirely, where a skilled repair could be far more cost-effective and preserves the character of a room. Sadly, some of the country’s most beautiful plasterwork has been lost forever, quite unnecessarily.

Traditional plaster techniques & materials

Our time-honoured plaster and lime techniques create a durable, ecological finish which will outlast the quick fixes offered by modern materials. Over more than 25 years we’ve built up a huge range of historically accurate and modern moulds. These, plus our bespoke mould-making skills, enable us to create wonderfully ornamental embellishments and to carry out authentic restorations of original work.

Ryedale Plasterers is a family business established in 1982. Over the years we’ve built an enviable reputation for excellence and are regarded as experts in the restoration of original plaster features.

We work in rural North Yorkshire, which offers all the peace and tranquillity we need to focus on the exquisite detail in our work. The barn contains a purpose-built workshop, a drying room, and storage for our moulds and work in progress.

Managing director Catherine Windross heads up our team of skilled craftsmen. Her 20 years’ experience in the business also makes Catherine the ideal person to co-ordinate all of our project management. Among the team are second- and third-generation ornamental plasterers with over 100 years’ experience between them. In addition to this extensive hands-on experience, they hold a variety of specialist craft qualifications, including:
  • historical restoration
  • ornate & fibrous plastering
  • joinery
  • modelling
  • sculpting
  • design crafts.

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