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Juliarnos, Pocklington Lane, Huggate, YO42 1YJ

07710 853 914

07710 853 914

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NAET® is a unique method to balance energy blockages. NAET® works on the basis that anyone can be allergic to any substance, be it chemical or natural. In successfully treating a patient, particular diets don't have to be adhered to anymore.


  • A key advantage is that NAET® is non invasive, without unpleasant blood or skin tests, injections or medication. The aim is to find the food and environmentally sensitive substances which trigger a reaction and to target these with pain free and harmless treatments.
  • Therefore NAET® is suitable for all ages.
  • NAET® has proved its effectiveness over the course of many years. Patients come with hay fever and dairy intolerance to neurodermatitis, migraines and hyperactivity. Results are the proof for how well NAET® works.
  • NAET® is much more structured, detailed and comprehensive.
  • All NAET® instructors have to be certified by Devi Nambudripad in the US, to ensure that a high standard permeates throughout.

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