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Craven Garth Farm, Rosedale East, Pickering YO18 8RH

01751 417 506


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At Richard Dent Services we construct and erect high-quality bespoke machinery, vehicle accessories, ornamental fencing, gates, signposts, spiral staircases, wall-baskets and much more.

Have you got a project that requires some skilled construction? Have you got just an idea that needs turning into a finished product? If so, we can make it to your specifications.

A growing sector of our work is the construction of trailers for “special” use, as well as general agricultural fabrications of various types.

Please browse the site for more information or contact us with your enquiry.

Free estimates given for all work.

Enhance your property with wrought iron fencing made to your own specific requirements. It can really make a difference to the look and appearance of your property, as well as being the envy of your neighbours.

We can design and make fencing to your requirements. A range of styles can be constructed in either wrought iron, wood or wire. Have you a patio area that could benefit from our wrought iron fencing and which could prevent a child or elderly person from falling? We can design, construct and install fencing to any specification to enhance your garden or patio.

Could you enhance the look, security and overall value of your property with a set of bespoke gates for your driveway? We can design and construct a set of gates for a garden entrance, side entrance, front entrance or anywhere else for that matter! We can design a set of bespoke gates to your exact requirements. As with everything we do, nothing is supplied off-the-shelf, everything is made to order.

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