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Blue Box Support are primarily a website design business. We don't use products such as Wordpress or Joomla or anything similar. Many people and companies call themselves "website designers" whilst using these tools and frankly they are being a touch deceitful, in our opinion.

Put simply, using Wordpress (or similar) and calling yourself a website designer is like using paint-by-numbers and calling yourself Vincent van Gogh. It is really that simple. In the same way you wouldn't put petrol in your car and call yourself a mechanic.

We create bespoke websites built the proper way. All sites start from a blank page and are therefore unique. Unlike Wordpress (or similar) where there's always going to be several thousand websites globally that are built on exactly the same template as yours.

The offer is simple. If we at Blue Box Support produce a website for you, your listing in NYBD is free, every year, for the entire time that you are our client (if your website requires regular updates or not).

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