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If you are thinking of advertising your business or organisation on our site, you may want to know what our site traffic is like. What number of visitors do we get, where are these visitors located, what are their search criteria and so on. To that end we aim to answer some of those questions here.

If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • How many Page Views do you get in a set period?
    In the 28 days up to 28th February 2015 we received 3,285 page views.
  • What proprtion are new visitors?
    Each month we get approximately 80% new visitors.
  • Where are people viewing the site from?
    80% of our site visitors are from the UK, but we also have visitors from Australia, Germany, Spain, the USA, Finland, Israel and India.
  • What is the age range of site visitors?
    To date our age range of site visitors is as follows;
    • Age 18-24: 27.5%
    • Age 25-34: 33.5%
    • Age 35-44: 15.5%
    • Age 45-54: 12.5%
    • Age 55-64: 5.5%
    • Age 65+: 5.5%

  • What are their search terms?
    Search terms used to access our site include "Helmsley Business", "Thirsk Business", "Pickering Business", "North Yorkshire Businesses", "Rural Business", "North Yorkshire Education", "Rural Schools", "Northallerton Business", "Shopping in North Yorkshire", "North Yorkshire Fashion", "North Yorkshire Food Shopping" and"Eating in North Yorkshire". There are more but the list would be lengthy!